Australia Computer Repairs

Open your own business, leave your coat, tie and that expensive suits if you still can not get the great salary. One thing with high demand, high profit, low risk is here. Open you own computer repairs workshop in Australia.

Like someone here, Asep open his new place a computer repairs Townsville in the west side of the city. This is his second place after he open the first one in Melbourne.

You can check the reference here about what he did on this few page :
kreepy kastle

He is really have a passion, since he leave his job that can give him enough money for living. He tried really hard, gain experience and promoting his business in massive scale. People know him faster than he expected and what people know is he is the best man to fix their PC.

With lots of testimonial for his customers and word of mouth going viral in the steet, office and social media like facebook, linkedin and twitter. He became a popular person in the industry.

He start small, even he does not have a workshop. He just create a site and try to get targeted traffic with placing ads on facebook and google. He also give free service for some people, get their testimonial and now he is the top man in the local business.